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Game description:

Burning Rubber 3 is a 3D flash racing game. You can choose between starting a new domination game or a daily challenge. Either way, you will have to read the rules of that particular race and see how much you will be paid if you win. In most cases, you will have to finish first or create enough damage to the other opponents.

Burning Rubber 3 is in fact a combination between a car racing game and a destruction game. As you advance, you will notice that your car can be equipped with high powered weapons which can be used to your advantage. The money you earn can also be used for engine upgrades or for buying new cars. If you choose domination mode, there will be many different races to choose from and you won't be able to finish the game in one play. Luckily, when you return to Burning Rubber 3, your progress will be saved. All cars are pretty maneuverable and you can control them with the directional keys. The Shift key is used for drifting, the Z key for firing your primary weapon and the X key for firing your secondary weapon. Power-ups will be available for most races and some of them will cause destruction around you while others will simply give you a speed boost.

The graphics are quite attractive, but this means that you will have to wait a little for the game to load. Besides that, the game is great and it can offer you hours of fun.

We hope you'll enjoy playing Burning Rubber 3. Categorized into our great collection of Car Games, Burning Rubber 3 has been already played 46433 times by our players. Play free car games and racing games at ChampArcade.com.

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